Information Security

CIS Safeguard 10.3 - Disable Autorun and Autoplay for Removable Media

Last modified 7/8/2021


Disable autorun and autoplay auto-execute functionality for removable media.


The Information Security Office provides the following guidance for complying with CIS Control 10 - Malware Defenses.

  • Windows Desktop

The Information Security Office manages a baseline configuration for complying with CIS Control 10 - Malware Defenses. Devices successfully configured with the items below will be considered compliant.

  • Deploy Configuration Baseline

Deploy the Configuration Baseline named ISU CIS Control 10 - Malware Defenses, with remediation enabled to your devices using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr).

For more information, follow this procedure here - Deploying a ConfigMgr Configuration Baseline Procedure

  • Configuration Baseline Settings

Configuration Item - ISU CIS Safeguard 10.3

Windows Registry
  • Ensure 'Disallow Autoplay for non-volume devices' is set to 'Enabled'
  • Ensure 'Set the default behavior for AutoRun' is set to 'Enabled: Do not execute any autorun commands'
  • Ensure 'Turn off Autoplay' is set to 'Enabled: All drives'

  • Verify Device Compliance

Monitor your deployment of Configuration Baseline ISO CIS Control 10 - Malware Defenses in ConfigMgr.

For more information, follow this procedure here - Monitoring a ConfigMgr Configuration Baseline Procedure

Additional Information

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