Touchnet Payment Gateway

Last modified 4/17/2024


Touchnet is a payment gateway and e-commerce solution provider for Illinois State University. The University has a contract in place with Touchnet to utilize many of their services and features for the processing of payment cards. Departments currently accepting cash or checks may now accept payment via a credit card through the secure website, TouchNet.

Any questions regarding Touchnet can be sent to Touchnet Support (touchnetsupport@ilstu.edu).

Touchnet uStores

TouchNet uStores is a featured store front where departments are able to list products available for purchase on the Internet. Products listed on each storefront can be physical products, donations, event registrations, and more. Using a customizable shopping cart experience, each uStore can be tailored to your individual department's needs.

Features supported by TouchNet include:

  • Single product or multi-product storefronts
  • Secure credit card processing
  • Product selection questions (T-Shirt size, event date, etc.)
  • Customer questions (email address, name, etc.)
  • Fee assessment
  • Discount/promotion functionality
  • Automated Datatel funding within two days
  • Free service for ISU departments with a low per-transaction cost (2-3%)

  • Request a Touchnet uStore

1. Apply for a uStore

Departments interested in setting up a TouchNet uStore should submit an application. Requests will be completed in the order received and may take up to 6 weeks to be fulfilled.

All conference registrations requiring payments, credit card or otherwise, must first contact Conference Services to meet compliance requirements.

TouchNet sites for gifts and donations must be set up through University Advancement. Please contact University Advancement if you would like to receive donations.

2. Complete Product Questionnaires

Once a uStore is approved, a Product Questionnaire should also be completed for each product to be added to the uStore. Payment Card Support will set up your TouchNet uStore using your completed questionnaires.

3. PCI Training

University Touchnet users are required to complete PCI (Payment Card Industry) credit card training before being granted access to TouchNet and on a yearly basis afterward. The training will be sent to all TouchNet users once a year, and departments must certify they will not enter credit card numbers for customers on unapproved computers.

4. Touchnet Training

After PCI training, Department representatives will be trained on how to use TouchNet. Department representatives will be able to modify their TouchNet uStore, run reports (Excel format), and process partial or whole refunds onto the original payment card. 

5. Add/Update Users

After getting a uStore set up with products, Payment Card Support will need to grant access to the uStore. Request access to the new uStore. Different levels of access are supported. You may also use the same form at a later date to request more accounts be added or to have account removed.

Vendor Integrations

Vendors with an online presence that are able to redirect to a payment card capture page can integrate with Touchnet to provide a more seamless payment flow for the University. By utilizing a payment gateway already integrated with the University, the University can avoid a new contract complication with a new gateway. Vendors targeting the education sector often already have an integration with Touchnet that supports the payment capture page feature.

Please contact the E-Commerce Committee at eCommerce@ilstu.edu when evaluating new vendor agreements that could involve a vendor integration.