Role Mapping Tags in Acrobat Pro

Last modified 2/16/2022

Sometimes tags from other programs don't carry over and match the standard tags in Adobe Acrobat Pro. If the different tags are consistent throughout the page, you can role map the tag to tell Adobe Acrobat to change the value of the tag to a standard tag value.

Typical tags used in Adobe Acrobat

 Element Adobe Acrobat Tag
Heading Level 1<H1>
Heading Level 2 <H2>
Heading Level 3 <H3> 
Heading Level 4 <H4> 
Heading Level 5 <H5> 
Heading Level 6 <H6> 
Paragraph Text <P>
Image, Non-Text Content<Figure>
Table <Table>
Table Header  <TH>
Table Column  <TD>
Table Row  <TR>
List Item<LI>

Step 1. Open Tags Pane

Open the Tags Pane and select the tag which does not match an Acrobat standard tag value. 

Step 2. Right Click on Tag

Right click on the tag that needs to change. From the drop down menu select Edit Role Map.

Screenshot of Tags Pane with the dropdown menu open and Edit Role Map selected.

Step 3. Select Document Role.

In the Role Map dialog box, select the plus sign to the left of Document Roles. Doing so will expand a list of the current tag options. the Document Roles are listed first as the role name (i.e. /_H1_) followed by the standard role Acrobat has associated with it (i.e. /Sect). If the roles are incorrect or do not match, they need to be updated to standard roles. Find the tag you need to update, select it, and choose the Change Item Button. 

Step 4. Change Value.

Enter the appropriate standard tag into the Value text box. Choose OK. Making this change will change all the tags associated with the role name.