Linking Text in Adobe Acrobat Pro

Last modified 5/16/2023

Link text (i.e. should be hyperlinked to open its respective web page or document. You can add links in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but if you have access to the original source document, it may be easier to update the link there before exporting or saving as a PDF. If you do not have access to the source document and need to hyperlink text in a PDF, use the following instructions.

Step 1. Open Edit PDF Tool

From the Tools List on the right side of the screen, select Edit PDF tool. If the Edit PDF tool is not on the right side of your screen, you can find it in the Tool Center.

Screenshot of Edit PDF Tool.

The Edit PDF toolbar will open at the top of the screen with options to Edit, Add Text, Add Image, Link, Crop Pages, Header & Footer, Watermark and more.

Screenshot of Edit PDF toolbar.

Select the Link Option from the tool bar at the top of the screen. This will open the Add or Edit link drop down menu. Choose Add/Edit Web or Document Link option.

Step 3. Select link text.

With cursor, select the Link text by creating a box around all of the link text.

Screenshot of document with a url link selected.

Step 4. Link Properties

In the Create Link dialog box, select the following options listed below. Then choose Next button.

Link Appearance

  • Link type: Visible Rectangle
  • Line Style: Underline
  • Highlight: None
  • Line Thickness: Thin (depends on size of font)
  • Color: Match your font color

Link Action

Select Open a web page radio button.

Screenshot of Create Link dialog.

Step 5. Type URL

In the Edit URL dialog box, type (or copy and paste) full URL into the edit box. Choose OK button.

Screenshot of the Edit URL dialog with web URL.

Step 6. Adjust underline

Use cursor to move and resize the underline the underline, if necessary. Make sure the underline is only under the corresponding linked text.

Screenshot of linked text highlighted.

Step 7. Find 

In the tags pane, right click on the Tags tag then select the Find option from the menu.

Screenshot of Tags Pane with Tags tag selected and the Find option highlighted.

In the Find Element dialog, choose Unmarked Links option from the Find select box. Choose Find button. 

Screenshot of Find Element dialog with Unmarked Links highlighted.

For each unmarked links, select Tag Element button.  

Screenshot of Find Element dialog with Tag Element button circled.

Each new <Link> tag will appear in the tags tree as a child of the Tags Tag. 

Screenshot of Tags tree with new link tag circled in red.

Inside the <Link> tag is a Link - OBJR. This is the link Object Reference which contains the hyperlink information (style and URL target, etc.). 

screenshot of link tag with Link OBJR as a child.


Links cannot be opened from the tags tree. They are only opened from the main document. 

When finished, choose the Close button.

Step 9. Move the <Link>

To move the newly added <Link> tag, right click the tag. From the menu, choose the Cut option.  

Screenshot of menu with the Cut option highlighted.

Navigate to and open the tag containing the linked text content. Right click on the link text content box. From the menu, choose Paste option. The <Link> tag should appear on the same level as the text content box inside an outer tag (i.e. <P>). 

Screenshot with the menu open and the Paste option highlighted.