Organizing Content in the Articles Panel

Last modified 2/11/2022

Organize your content in the Articles Panel so it will exported to a PDF in a manner that will allow assistive technology to render the correct reading order. Anything considered background, decorative, or an artifact should not be added to the Articles Panel.

Step 1. Lock the Background Layer

Lock the Background Layer of the Layers Panel to avoid moving any background, decorative, or artifact object into it. Do so by choosing the blank space to the left of the Background layer. A lock will appear when the layer is locked.

Screenshot of Layers Panel with the Background layer locked.

Step 2. Open Articles Panel

Open the Articles Panel by choosing Window, then Articles. 

Screenshot of Window option selected, and Articles selected from drop down menu.

 Step 3. Add Content to Articles Panel

Holding down the Shift Key down select each item in its intended reading order. Drag and drop the selected content into Articles Panel. In the Articles Panel, the content order is from top to bottom. Check the checkbox for "Include When Exporting" then choose OK.

 Step 4. Use for Reading Order in Tagged PDF

Select the More Options icon in the top right corner of the Articles Panel. A drop down menu will appear. Check the "Use for Reading Order in Tagged PDF" option.