Alternative Text for Images in InDesign

Last modified 10/13/2023

Images, figures, and non-text content should have alternative text. Alternative text allows individuals who are blind or have low vision have access to the visual content through a text equivalent. Alternative text for image, figures, and non- text content should be meaningful to the content it supports.

Step 1. Select an Image

To add alternative text, select the image then right click the same image. From the drop down menu, choose "Object Export Options."

Screenshot of Image with Options menu and Object Export Options selected.

Step 2. Alt Text Tab

From Alt Text Source, choose Custom. Type your alternative text into the edit box provided. Select and copy the text you type.

Screenshot of Object Export Options Alt Text Tab with Alt Text Source set to Custom and alt text typed into edit box.

Step 3. Tagged PDF Tab

Choose the Tagged PDF Tab. Under Apply Tag, choose From Source. Under Actual Text Source, choose Custom then pasted the copied alt text from the Alt Text Tab. Choose Done to close the dialogue box.

Screenshot of Object Export Options Tagged PDF Tab with Apply Tag From Stucture and Actual Text Source Custom and alt text copied into edit box.