Adding Paragraph Styles to an InDesign Project

Last modified 2/11/2022

A paragraph style is a collection of formatting attributes that can be applied to a paragraph or many paragraphs in a single step. At the same time, the paragraph styles are used for tagging the resulting PDF.

Step 1. Open Paragraph Styles Panel

To open the paragraph styles panel, choose Window, then Styles, followed by Paragraph Styles.

Screenshot of Window options with Styles, and Paragraph Styles selected.

Step 2. Create New Style

Choose the Create New Style button.

Screenshot of the Paragraph Styles Panel with Create new Style Button selected.

Double click on each new style and rename. The paragraph styles name will carry over to PDF when exported, therefore use typical tagging methods including heading level to help make sure the PDF has correct tags in Acrobat Pro

Step 4. Apply Styles

Highlight text to be styled then select the appropriate paragraph style from the paragraph styles panel.