Format Headings in Google Docs

Last modified 2/11/2022

Properly formatted headings help to organize and improve searching capabilities in your documents. Google Docs offers several formatted heading options to use. You can change the default styles to suit your document’s design. Follow these steps to add or modify headings in Google Docs.

Step 1. Open a new or existing document in Google Doc.

Place the cursor in the line of text you want to make a heading. In the tool bar, select the appropriate heading style from the Styles dropdown menu to format the text in your document.

Screenshot of Google Doc with Styles menu selected and Heading 1 selected from the list of headings.

Note: if you hover over each style, the text where your cursor currently is will change to match the style. Remember to organize your headings into nested levels.

Screenshot of new Google Doc with nested Heading Levels.

Step 2. Change the default heading.

Select the text you wish to change, select the text you want to modify. Make the font, size, and style changes from the tools offered in the tool bar. Once the heading is styled, keep text selected. Open the styles menu drop down. From the list, choose the arrow to the right of the appropriate style. In the submenu, choose “Update 'Heading #' to match.