Adding Data Tables in Omni Campus CMS

Last modified 11/9/2021

Follow the steps to add a table to your webpage in the OU Campus Editor.

Step 1. Open webpage in Omni Campus CMS editor.

Log in to Omni Campus CMS at the bottom of the page. Select the green Edit button for the area you want to add a table to open the WYSIWIG editor.

Screenshot of green edit button in Omni Campus editor.

Step 2. Insert/Edit Table.

Place the cursor at the location you want to add a table. Select the Insert/Edit Button from the editor tool bar.

Screenshot of cursor placed below page title within Omni Campus.

Step 3. Enter the number of columns and rows.

Fill out the General Properties information. Check the Table Caption checkbox then select “Insert.”

Step 4. Add a caption in the first row.

The Table Caption provides context for the table and helps assistive technology users find the table, understand what it’s about, and decide if they are interested in the data provided.

Screenshot of example table with column headers.

Step 5. Assign row header.

Place your cursor in the header row of the table then select the Table Row Properties button located in the editor toolbar.

Screenshot of tool buttons.

Step 6. Change row type.

In the Table Row Properties, change the Row Type from Body to Header then select Update. Doing so will format the row selected as a header for each column. You will see that the table headings are changed to bold and larger text. Select Update.

Screenshot of table row properties box.

Step 7. Select column header cell.

If your table has a column which contains headers for each row, add a scope attribute to the table cells in that column. For each column header, place the cursor in the column cell header then select the Table Cell Properties button from the toolbar.

Screenshot of table cell properties button.

Step 8. Scope row.

Set Scope property to "Row." At the bottom of the Table Cell Properties box, make sure "Update Current Cell" is selected. Choose Update. Do this for each cell in the header column (not including the Row header).

Screenshot of the table cell properties dialogue box.