Add and Edit Links in Omni Campus CMS

Last modified 3/7/2023

Use the text editor to add and edit links in Omni Campus CMS. Make sure your link text is meaningful and functional to to the target. Avoid using words like "click here." 

Step 1. Highlight Text

Highlight the text you want to link.

Select the Insert/Edit link button (looks like a chain link) from the toolbar. This will open the Insert/Edit Link dialogue box.

In the Link URL edit box, type or paste the full URL (including HTTP://). Target pages should be opened in this same window/frame.

If the web page is from your website within OU Campus you can use the part of the link after the .edu. (/academics/support/) or browse for the webpage's folder in OU Campus. 

Target pages should be opened in this same window/frame.

Step 4. Insert

Choose the Insert button at the bottom right corner of the dialogue box to add the link to your page.

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