Adding Alt Text to Facebook Images

Last modified 2/18/2022

Facebook allows you to add alternative text (alt text) to images you upload from a desktop browser. Currently, adding alt text to images is not available from the Facebook mobile app.

Step 1. Select a Photo / Video

Select Photo/Video from the News Feed or timeline.

Step 2. Choose a Photo

Choose the photo you want to upload to Facebook.

Step 3. Choose Edit Photo

Select Edit Photo. You may need to hover over the photo with cursor or tab to the photo options using tab key.

 Screenshot of Facebook edit post screen.

Step 4. Photo Editing Options

From the list of editing options, select "Alt Text."

Step 5. Select Override

Select Override Generated Alt Text.

Screenshot of Alt Text with button for Override generated alt text.

Step 6. Add alt text

Enter a descriptive alt text in the edit box.

Note: Facebook has a 100 character limit on alt text.

Step 7. Save

Choose Save button.