ReggieNet Roles

Last modified 8/1/2022

Instructors and students are added to official course sites automatically through information from Campus Solutions. The instructor of the course record will be added in the role of “Instructor”; individuals who are officially registered for the course will be added in the role of “Student”.


Other participants can be added manually to the course site. However, if they are added in the role “Instructor” or the role “Student”, they will be removed during the daily system update.

Other ReggieNet Roles

 There are several other roles to cover different situations, these roles are listed below, along with what they are capable of doing in that role.

  • Co-Instructor—can do everything the instructor can do
  • Teaching Assistant—can do most things an instructor can do, including adding and editing content
  • TA-Grades Only—can enter grades in the Gradebook, grade items in the Assignments, Forums, and Tests & Quizzes tools, and participate in Forums; cannot add, delete, or edit content in most tools
  • Content Specialist—can add and edit their own content in many tools, but cannot edit or delete content other than their own
  • Course Support—can view most items, and edit some
  • Student Auditor—can do everything a Student can do
  • Guest—can view some content


Managing Participants

For more information on how to Add Participants, Remove Participants, and changing the roles of Participants please see ReggieNet.

Get Help

For technical assistance with ReggieNet, you can Submit a Help Ticket, or contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 or by email at
For questions regarding your quiz, or re-taking your quiz, or an assigned grade that you feel is incorrect, please reach out to your course instructor.

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