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Last modified 5/18/2022

There are several places where you can find either summarized or more detailed information about student activity in ReggieNet

  • The Statistics tool.
  • Tests and Quizzes – Event Log and User Activity Report.
  • Assignments – Grade Report.
  • Forums – Statistics and Grading.

Statistics Tool

The Statistics tool allows instructors to view usage statistics and user activity events. The Overview shows some very general information about Visits, Activity, Resources, and Lesson Pages.

Overview– Show more

For each of the three areas, there is a “Show more” link, that allows you to drill down to more detailed information by date, user, or item (event, resource or page, depending on the area).

Under Show more, you can than specify what information is displayed by clicking on one of the three detail tabs, in combination with filtering by the time period, user, and/or specific items dropdown lists.

Overview – detailed information

For the Activity and Resources displays, you can also click on the links to see more detailed information.


  • Events: displays a count of each event (events displayed can be controlled in Preferences)
  • Most active tool: displays a pie chart and count of events by tool
  • Most active user: displays a count of events by user


  • Files: Total number of existing site files (folders excluded) from the Resources tool.
  • Files opened: Total number and percentage of site files (folders excluded) from the Resources tool that were already opened for reading.
  • Most opened file: The site file (from the Resources tool) that were most opened for reading. Hovering the mouse over the value will display the full resource file name.
  • User who has opened the most files: The user that opened most site files (from the Resources tool) for reading. Hovering the mouse over the user ID will display the full user name.


The Reports tab allows you to define, save, and run reports on user activity.

To create a report, click the Add link under the “My reports” list.

  • Title and Description – can be provided, particularly if you plan on saving the report.
  • What? – choose whether you want a report on Events or Resources. You can then further define what should be displayed.
  • When? Select the time period – you can define a custom time period.
  • Who? – select by role or individual.
  • How? – specify how the results are displayed.
  1. Click the Generate report button to run the report
  2. Click the Save report button to save the report, which can then be run again in the future.

Tests and Quizzes

The Tests and Quizzes tool has two options for displaying student information- the Event Log, and the User Activity Report

Event Log

The Event Log displays information about every submission within the Tests and Quizzes tool. You can filter by a single assessment, or by searching for an individual student.

The display indicates the assessment title, the student name, when they began and submitted, how long, and how the quiz was submitted (User submit, Auto submit).

User Activity Report

This option allows you to see a summary of how an individual has performed across all assessments.


The Grade Report option provides a complete list of all assignment submissions for the course. This list can be filtered by group or individual student. The information displayed includes the Assignment name, the student grade, the grading scale, and the submitted date.


The Statistics and Grading tab shows how many posts a student has authored and read in the Forums tool.

Getting Help

For Faculty Support with Student Activity in ReggieNet, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (309) 438-2542 or by email at

To report technical issues, Submit a Help Ticket or contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357 or by email at

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