Creating Groups in ReggieNet

Last modified 5/18/2022

To use collaborative assignments in your ReggieNet course, groups must exist in your course. Creating groups in ReggieNet is a simple process.

  1. Click on Site Info in the left hand column of the course and then click on Manage Groups in the Site Info Toolbar.
  2. ReggieNet has four options for creating groups in your course.
    • Groups can be created manually by the instructor using the Create New Group command
    • Groups can be created through student choice based on number of groups and maximum membership size using Create New Joinable Set command.
    • Groups can also be created automatically using the Auto Groups command which creates groups based on number of groups or number of users per group desired.
    • Bulk Creation can be used to create multiple groups are a time.

Creating a New Group

  1. Click on New Group in the Site Info toolbar.
  2. Add a Group Title.
  3. Choose whether to allow members to see the other members of the group.
  4. In the Site Member List, highlight the members you wish to group by clicking on the names.
  5. Click the right arrow to the right of the Site Member List to move the selected members to the Group Member List.
  6. Finish creating the group by clicking Add.

Create New Joinable Set

  1. Click on Create New Joinable Set in the Site Info toolbar.
  2. Enter a group name in the Set name box.
  3. Enter the number of groups you wish to have in the Number of groups box.
  4. Enter the maximum group membership number in the Max members per group box.
  5. Choose options for allowing viewing group members and leaving groups by marking the appropriate boxes.
  6. Add the joinable group set by clicking Add.
  7. For students to join a group they must click on the Site Info tool where they will be shown a menu with the options titled Groups you are a member of and Groups you can join.
  8. Choosing Groups you can join will display a list of available groups, the group title, maximum group size, members (if available), and a button of joining the group.

Auto Groups

  1. Click Auto Groups in the Site Info tool bar and then select the role you wish to use to create separate groups.
  2. Select a role from the list provided by ReggieNet.
  3. Select either Create a single group for the selected role or Create random groups from members with the selected role. Note: If multiple roles are selected, you will only be given the option to Create a single group for the selected role.
  4. If a single role is selected, for example Student, multiple groups can be created based on number of groups desired or the number of members per group desired by selecting either Split by number of groups needed or Split by number of users needed per group.
  5. Next enter a Group title.
  6. Enter the Number of groups or Number of users per group, depending on the method of splitting site members.
  7. Finish creating groups by clicking Add.
  8. After clicking Add, a Group List page will open showing you the groups in your course, the group titles, whether the groups are joinable or not, the number of members in each group, and the members of each group.

Removing and editing groups

  1. To remove a group, check the box to the right of the group and click Remove Checked.
  2. To edit groups, click on the title of the group to open the Edit Group page. You can edit group titles, add or remove group members, and adjust the privacy setting for members.

Getting Help

For Faculty Support with creating Groups in ReggieNet, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at (309) 438-2542 or by email at

To report technical issues, Submit a Help Ticket or contact the Technology Support Center at (309) 438-4357 or by email at

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