Last modified 12/16/2021

ReggieNet is the official learning management system (LMS) for Illinois State University. Classes offered through Illinois State University may use ReggieNet to deliver course materials, assignments, quizzes and tests to students.  

Please see Technology for New Students and Staff at Illinois State University for more information on Technology used at Illinois State University.  

Who Can Access ReggieNet 

ReggieNet is used by Faculty, Students, and Staff. Anyone with a valid ULID and password can log in to ReggieNet; however, only those with active courses in ReggieNet will have access to course materials. 

To access ReggieNet, go to and log in through Central Login.  

ReggieNet Navigation 

The following controls can be used to navigate through ReggieNet. 

  • Home Link - The Home link appears at the left of the Site Navigation bar. Selecting the Home link will return you to the home page for the site you’re currently viewing. 
  • Site Navigation - The Site Navigation area located at the top of ReggieNet contains links to your courses. If you cannot see all your sites you can edit which sites appear as favorites. 
  • Profile – Your profile can be found in the upper right corner of ReggieNet, the profile icon that displays will either be an image you have chosen, or your initials. To edit your profile, select the profile icon, and then select Profile from the pop out. 



All ReggieNet sites you are a member of will be able to see your profile image. 

  • Sites Button - The Sites menu contains links to all your courses. This menu is an icon of a cube containing nine squares. If you don’t see a particular course in your Favorites area, select View all Sites. 
  • Course Site Menu - The Course Site Navigation menu on the left lists all the tools available within that course. Select a tool name to access that tool. 


How to Use ReggieNet 

Refer to the following articles on ReggieNet: 


Instructor Support Materials 

Additional instructions are available through the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology (CTLT) website. CTLT provides assistance to instructors on creating course content, navigating within ReggieNet, and more. Written instructions and how-to videos are available on the ReggieNet Support: Instructor Support Materials website.  

How can I get help with ReggieNet? 

If you’re having problems accessing or using ReggieNet, refer to the following information: 

  • Instructors: If you are an instructor who needs help using ReggieNet, please contact the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) at 309-438-2542.
  • Note: If submitting a Service Request, please assign to the TS Technology Support Center who will ensure your request gets processed efficiently.
  • Students: If you are a student who needs help with ReggieNet, please contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 or