Configuring the Settings of a ProctorTrack Exam

Last modified 5/18/2022

This article covers the process of configuring the settings of an exam in ProctorTrack (Onboarding or Official exam). This article assumes that you have already created your exam in ReggieNet and subsequently, added the exam to ProctorTrack, which will be reflected by the Quiz/Test List. The steps below will be helpful if you are needing to allow a specific URL or Application to be accessed, as well as granting specific students certain accommodations for the exam, as well as other configuration options.

If you are needing instructions on how to create an exam to be proctored, see: Creating an Exam with ProctorTrack
If you are needing instructions on taking a proctored exam and/or onboarding exam, see: Taking the ProctorTrack Onboarding Exam.
If you are needing instructions on how to review the results of a proctored exam, see: Reviewing Exam Results through ProctorTrack.


To get to your course's specific ProctorTrack Dashboard, click the desired course in ReggieNet, and then click the ProctorTrack tab from the left-hand menu of your ReggieNet site for that course. This will load the ProctorTrack Dashboard for that course in a new window.

  1. On the Proctortrack Dashboard, click the “(Ellipsis) 3-Dots” to the right-hand side of the quiz name for which the configuration needs to be set, and select Go to Configuration.
  2. By Default, all Quizzes are configured as Closed Book quizzes (or exams). However, each quiz or exam can be configured to your preferences. 
  3. Once 'Go to Configuration' has been clicked, you will see 4 tabs for configuration options:
    • Identity Verification Settings
    • Test Settings
    • Student Settings
    • WhiteList URL/Apps
  4. Identity Verification Settings: As seen above in Figure 2, use this configuration setting to Enable or Disable certain identity scans, such as Face scan, photo ID, room and/or the knuckle scan. To enable a setting, click the toggle switch to blue. To disable a setting, click the toggle switch to gray.
  5. Test Settings: In the Test Settings configuration options, you can choose various Test Settings, such as whether to allow or disallow physical books, online resources, scratchpad tools, notes, scans, etc. (Figure 3).
    • The password you created for the exam is hidden by default. This prevents your students from using the password for the exam by other means (i.e., unproctored through ReggieNet). The option to hide the exam password from students is automatically enabled and can be found under the Test Settings configuration tab as “Hide Access Code/Password” (Figure 5). In this case, the students taking the proctored exam will not be shown the access code/password, but will be prompted with  a ‘copy button,’ (See Figure 6) so that they may copy and paste the hidden password into a provided field, allowing them to proceed with the exam. This is an important feature to use, and prevents the students from bypassing ProctorTrack and taking the exam in ReggieNet with a known password.


      It is encouraged that instructors HIDE the ReggieNet Tests & Quizzes tab from students' view while the Proctored Exam is open. This will prevent your students from instinctively clicking this tab to access the exam.
      For instructions on how to Hide the Tests and Quizzes tab, see: Hiding a Tab/Tool in ReggieNet.

      • Enable Hide Access Code/Password: Will hide the access code/password for the test, and Proctortrack will prompt a Copy button to copy/paste the hidden Password into a provided field in order to start the exam.

      • Disable Hide Access Code/Password: Will display the access code/password to the students. It will be shown in the top right-hand corner of the proctored exam/dashboard.

      • If Hiding the Password is Enabled, students will see the following prompt after the proctored monitoring begins.

  6. Student Settings: Here you may configure the test settings for any particular user or multiple users, in case any student(s) requires special accommodations. These settings can be applied to a specific learner for a specific test.
  7. Click on the Edit Configuration button for the student for whom the configuration needs to be set.
  8. Student Settings (Special Settings): You may enable any of the required options/settings for a specific student.
  9. You may also use the ‘Whitelist URL/Apps’ options to allow the usage of any specific application(s) by this particular student.
  10. Using the ‘Special Settings’ tab will let you add any notes for this particular student to allow any specific accommodations.
  11. Whitelist URL/APPS: Here you may whitelist any application from the list, so that application can be allowed for this test.
  12. Using the Whitelist URL/Apps option lets the students visit a specified URL(s) or a specific Application.
    • The Whitelisted URL will be allowed during the exam, while all other URLs will be blocked/closed (e.g., If is allowed, it will load for the students, while other sites, such as Wikipedia or Google will be blocked and automatically close).
    • The Whitelisted Application will be allowed during the exam, while all other Apps will be blocked and closed (e.g., If the Notepad is allowed, it will load and be accessible to the students, while other apps, such as the calculator will be blocked and automatically close).

Getting Help

  • Support is available during your exam.
  • ProctorTrack Support provides real time chat support. By clicking on a ‘Blue chat bubble’ icon during your exam (onboarding or official exam) you will be able to initiate a chat with ProctorTrack who can assist you with most issues (This will not cause any violations or flags during your exam).
  • If you need to reach out to your instructor, they may ask that you use email or another source (this may vary depending on the instructor's preference). We recommend asking your instructor for the appropriate means of contacting them during your proctored exam.

    1. Phone: 1 (844) 753-2020
    2. Submit a support ticket at
    3. Chat Support: Use the Chat option in the lower right-hand corner while on the ProctorTrack Dashboard.
    4. Email:
  • The Technology Support Center is also available:

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