Uploading Files onto SPSS Using Citrix

Last modified 9/19/2023

When working on SPSS within the Light Version of the Citrix Receiver, you should have an option to upload data sets and other files onto SPSS. You can upload files from your computer as well as external hard drives and flash drives.

Uploading Files onto SPSS

First, you will want to be logged into Citrix and have started SPSS in the Light version of Citrix. You can navigate to and select Light version after logging in (Figure 2). After selecting the Light version, click on the Desktops icon (Figure 1) to see which Virtual Computers are available. Click on APPS to see what Applications are ready for use. If you are in a course that uses SPSS, you should see that program listed in Apps. Select SPSS.

Figure 1:

Desktops and Apps icons

Figure 2:

Citrix login with Light Version option

When starting up SPSS, you will be met with a Welcome Screen where you are able to create a new dataset, a new database query, or open a recent file you have worked on. To upload a file to SPSS, click the Open another file button on the welcome window (Figure 3). From there, you will be prompted to browse your computer for a file. 

Figure 3:

image of SPSS open file option

If you are attempting to upload a file from an external drive, sometimes you will not see the drive available to you when asked to browse your computer. If this is happening to you, please read the section below for an alternative method.

Alternative Method to Uploading Files onto SPSS

You are to use this method if you are unable to upload a file the traditional way. Sometimes, SPSS won't be able to find an external drive when browsing files. This method shows you how to browse your external drives for the files you want to upload.

  1. When you want to upload a file, you should see a menu button at the top of the window within SPSS. Highlighting your mouse over the button will change it. Click the menu button to expand the menu (Figure 4).

    Figure 4:

  2. From there, you should see an upload button. Click the upload button to bring up your File Explorer (If you are on a Windows) or your Finder (If you are on a Mac). This is where you will find the file you want to upload.
  3. The location of the file is dependent on where you have it saved. Read the instructions below for finding specific drives on Windows and Mac machines:

    • Windows: If it is on an external drive or some other drive on your computer, it will be under This PC when the file explorer is opened (Figure 5).

      Figure 5:

      Windows File Explorer and Drive Locations

    • Mac: If it is on a flash drive, the flash drive should be under a section in your Finder called Locations on the left-hand side of your screen. If your flash drive does not show up, the Locations folder may be hidden. Simply hover your mouse over Locations and click Show to show the drives under that section. If it is on the Mac's drive, click the navigator on the top of the Finder where you can select different drives or folders (Figure 6).

      Figure 6:
      Mac Finder drive locations

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