Purchasing or Relinquishing an External Domain Name

Last modified 12/6/2022

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For all information on University domain policy please review the official policy at

For its primary web identity, Illinois State has registered the following names:,,,,,, and
Illinois State’s domain name server (DNS) table matches Internet Protocol numbers (IP#s) with website addresses (URLs).  The DNS resolves names and network addresses to destinations on and off campus.  Telecommunications and Networking is responsible for implementing and maintaining the DNS for all systems connected to the campus network.  All top level University websites have a unique DNS entry (see current zone list).  Generally, domain names are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
A typical DNS entry’s URL looks like this: The “zone” is a predefined three-letter acronym (i.e., coe, cob, art, etc.).  Within a predefined zone, an acronym may be used in place of the www.
To register domain names a Technology representative must make the requests and, in some cases, a Department Dean or Unit Director must provide a rational for the new name.

Non-Illinois State University (External) Web Addresses

In rare cases, Illinois State groups may purchase external DNS names with the assistance of Telecommunications and Networking. Telecommunications and Networking must register and administer all external web addresses that point to an Illinois State IP#. Contact Telecommunications and Networking prior to attempting to register a name with an Internet Domain Registrar, since transferring ownership is difficult and time consuming. All non-Telecommunications and Networking registered domain names will be blocked.
Requests for external web addresses must be approved by the Associate Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and the Vice Presidents, as outlined in the University policies.

Placing a Request to Purchase or Relinquish an External Domain Name

  1. Navigate to and click [Login].
  2. Sign in with your ULID and password.
  3. Click [Make a Request].
  4. Under Make a Request click [Network].
  5. Under Network click [IT Consultation].
  6. Fill out the form below with your external domain name request.
  7. Once the form has been completed click the [Save] button in the upper right to the 

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For more information on University domain policy please review the official policy at

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