Identity Data Dictionary


Last modified 5/9/2023


Priority: 3

Friendly Name: Faculty Employee

Definition: All employees at ISU with a current HR status of ‘Active’ - which is inclusive of those on leaves/sabbaticals and layoffs, but not those who have terminated or left the university – who also meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Active employee of any employee class with a current academic rank of Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor in order to bear the ‘faculty’ affiliation.
  2. A person bears the ‘faculty’ affiliation if they belong to one of the following employee classes: NTT 12 Month, NTT Regular, Tenure-Track Faculty, Summer Tenure-Track Faculty, Summer NTT, Overload AP, Overload Civil Service,  Faculty Associate Cont, Faculty Associate Non Cont or Overload Faculty Associate.

*Role originates in HCM

Owner: Human Resources

Directory Account(s): Both

O365 License: O365-Lite

LDAP Group(s): isu_adobe_auto, isu_employee, isu_faculty

AD Group(s): isu_employee, isu_faculty

CS Query: n/a