How to use a NCR A80 w/ SP30

Last modified 3/3/2023

This page will provide instructions for some of the basic tasks that will be completed on an A80 terminal. Below are the basic functions that you can perform on a NCR A80 terminal. 

  • Run a Transaction

If you are on a multi-merchant terminal, select the merchant you will be using before completing these steps.

  1. Verify you are in the Credit tab
  2. Select Sale
  3. Enter the amount of the sale and click Confirm or the green button on the terminal
  4. The PIN pad will light up and display payment instructions to the customer
  5. Customer will swipe, tap, or insert on the PIN pad

  • Print a Receipt

Reprint Last Receipt

  1. Navigate to the Func tab
  2. Select Re-Print
  3. Select Print Last to print the most recent receipt

Reprint Any Receipt

  1. Navigate to the Func tab
  2. Select Re-Print
  3. Select Print Any
  4. Enter the transaction number for that receipt that needs reprinted

  • Void a Payment

  1. Verify you are in the Credit tab
  2. Select V/Sale
  3. Enter the transaction number you wish to void

  • Setup the Device

Plugging in power to the terminal before the pin pad will break the PIN pad. ALWAYS PLUG IN POWER LAST WHEN SETTING UP.

  1. Verify power is NOT plugged into the terminal
  2. Plug in the ethernet connection (insert graphic here)
  3. Connect the PIN pad to the terminal (insert graphic here)
  4. Connect power to the terminal (insert graphic here)

When unplugging the terminal, power should be removed first to prevent accidentally breaking the PIN pad.

  • Close a Batch

  1. Navigate to the Func tab
  2. Select Batch
  3. Select Batch Close

  • Process a Refund

Campus units utilizing JetPay will up provided up to two merchant refund accounts per merchant to run refunds through the JetPay website.

Transactions do not show up as available for refund in the JetPay website until 7:30AM the day after the batch was closed. If a merchant’s batch for Jan 1 is settled on Jan 2 at 2AM, the transaction should be refundable around 7:30AM on Jan 3.

Follow the below steps to issue a refund:

  • Go to https://magic.collectorsolutions.com/magic-ui/Login/illinois-state-university
  • Log in with a Merchant Refund Account authorized to perform refunds
  • Obtain the transaction date and identifying information for the individual transaction from a receipt or a printed report. You will need one of the following (listed best to worst): the reference number, the auth code, the last four of the card, or the transaction amount.
  • Click the magnifying glass next to the search box
  • Enter the reference number, auth code, last four of the card, or transaction amount into the “Search Text” box. Skip the next four indented steps if using the reference number.
    • Click “See more options” above the search button
    • Change “Type of Criteria” to either “Authorization Code”, “Credit Card Number”, or “Amount” depending on the data you entered in the “Search Text” box
    • Change both “Date From” and “Date To” to the day of the transaction
  • Complete the search by clicking the blue “Search” button
  • Find the correct transaction in the list. If no transactions are returned, then the transaction may not be in the website yet (8AM the day following batch close), the transaction may belong to another merchant account, or there may be an error in your search criteria.
  • Click the red credit card icon in the same line as the transaction you wish to refund
  • Type an amount to refund up to the original transaction amount in the “Amount To Credit” column
  • Add notes in the “Notes” field to document the reason for the refund. For example, “Charged 100.00 instead of 10.00”
  • Click the blue “Process Credit” button
  • You may use the “Print Receipt” or “Email To” buttons at the bottom of the page to send the customer the receipt or keep a copy for your records