Last modified 6/7/2023

As contractually mandated by the University's contracts with the Payment Card Industry (PCI), select University employees must complete PCI training upon hire and yearly thereafter. Employees must also fill out the PCI Signature Form.

Employees that must complete the training and the signature form include:

  • Employees that handle cardholder data as part of their job including but not limited to credit/debit cards or credit card numbers
  • Employees involved in the processing of payment cards
  • Employees that administer the University payment card environment
  • Employees involved in security event/incident response

Note that employees issued or using departmental credit cards without meeting any of the criteria above do not need to take the yearly training.

E-Commerce Training

PCI Signature Form


It is each department's responsibility to ensure all students workers interacting with credit cards take this PCI training on a yearly basis. Students will not receive training notification emails but are still required to take the training. Student workers (or any ISU employee) may access the training at anytime through the Reggienet training course.

It is each department's responsibility to make sure all student employees working with payment cards are trained on a yearly basis. Students will not receive a training reminder e-mail but may access the training at anytime. All employees (including student workers) must also complete the signature form on yearly basis.