Add Caption Files from Zoom to videos in ReggieNet

Last modified 2/11/2022

Captioned Files are saved in .vtt format, which can be uploaded to ReggieNet along with your Mp4 video.

Step 1: Enable Audio Transcript

In order to access a .vtt caption file from Zoom, you must first enable the audio transcript option for cloud recording.

Step 2: Record Using Cloud Recording

Record your meeting or video using Zoom's cloud recording feature. Select Record button from the meeting options, then choose "Record to the Cloud" option. 

To stop recording, select the Pause/Stop Recording button. A message will appear on the screen asking you if you want to stop recording. Select "Yes" to stop recording.

Note: if you do not have the Cloud Recording feature enabled in your Zoom Account, contact ItHelp.

Step 3: Open My Recordings

Once the video is processed, you will receive an email notification. Select the link in the email to open the My Recordings page in Zoom. Remember cloud recordings will only be available for 30 days after processing. 

From the My Recording's page in Zoom, you will find the following files available:

  • Recordings (shared screen with speaker view or shared screen with gallery view) (mp4)
  • Audio Only (m4a)
  • Audio Transcript (vtt)
  • Chat text (txt)

Download the Audio Transcript (vtt) file and whichever MP4 recording you would like to use and save them to your computer.

Step 4: Upload the Video to ReggieNet

Upload the MP4 video file to your course Lesson page in ReggieNet by selecting Embed content on page from the Add Content drop-down menu.

Screenshot of a ReggieNet Lesson page with Add Content menu open with the Embed Content on the Page option selected.

Step 5. Edit Video

Once the video is uploaded, select the Edit Item icon in the far right corner of the video's content block.

Screenshot of the ReggieNet video player with the edit button in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6: Add Caption File

In the Edit Item dialog, select the Add caption file (must be VTT format) link. Browse for the .vtt captioned file, then select Save. Your video is now captioned. To view the captions, choose the Closed Captioned (CC) option from the bottom right corner of each video.

ReggieNet Edit Item dialog box with Add caption file (must be VTT format) link.